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About MyBowlingDiary

If you are serious about improving your bowling, one of the most important tools that you need is information. Not only information on equipment, technique and so forth - all of which is plentiful, but you need information on what YOU are doing on the lanes. After all, how can you improve when you don't know where to start? So ask yourself these questions:

Did you have the answers to these questions? Do you have to go through a stack of notebooks for your personal bowling statistics or do you spend hours in front of your computer trying to get all of your statistics into a spreadsheet? Is there a better way to retain and retrieve this information? Yes - there IS a better way! That is what MyBowlingDiary is all about!

Let MyBowlingDiary store and maintain your bowling statistics for you so that you can have your bowling information that you need quickly (saving you time for practice), easily and most important  - without spending a lot of money. For only $29.95, MyBowlingDiary will let you:

MyBowlingDiary installs in just minutes on your PC like other standard Windows programs. Once installed, you can immediately start entering your statistics. No configuration, no guesswork - it is that simple. You don't even need to know about databases, spreadsheets or computer programming. You don't even need an active Internet connection to use MyBowlingDiary, so all of your statistics and notes are not exposed to the outside world. Just install MyBowlingDiary, launch and start entering your information. How easier can this get?

Do you have a significant other in your household that bowls? Maybe your kids bowl? Then consider purchasing our Multi-DB package for $34.95. With this package, turn MyBowlingDiary into a tool that all in your household can use!

Do you have a Palm Pilot or Pocket PC? Then consider our handheld package, which extends the power of MyBowlingDiary to your handheld device! Purchase this package for only $44.95.

Do you need it all? Then get our full package for only $49.95 which includes the Multi-DB module and the handheld module.

When you become a customer, you are also entitled to the following:

Why wait? Look at example screen shots to see how easy it is! Download the risk-free, no obligation trial version so that you can see for yourself how powerful MyBowlingDiary is.  Better yet, order your copy today securely and quickly using our shopping cart and have your copy within 24 hours. How much easier can this get?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does MyBowlingDiary work?

A: MyBowlingDiary is a program that you install on your computer from a CD. It uses a database (also stored on your computer) to store the information you enter. The installation process is just like that of other typical Windows programs, i.e. running a setup utility. Once MyBowlingDiary is installed, it is ready for use by simply launching it using the "Start" button on your computer. MyBowlingDiary will take care of all of the "behind the scenes" requirements to interface with its database. The only thing that you really need to do is back up your database on a regular basis.

Q: I just want to keep track of my game scores and not my pinfall. Will MyBowlingDiary let me do that?

A: Absolutely! As a matter of fact, more tournaments are requiring bowlers to produce tournament scores, some going as far back as two years! With MyBowlingDiary, data entry of a typical league takes just a few minutes and getting your game scores for verification is easy as well.

Q: I don't know a lot about databases or database programming. Is that a requirement?

A: If you can use your mouse, keyboard and have a basic understanding of navigating with Windows you can use MyBowlingDiary. You enter all of your information with easy to use graphical interfaces (see our screen shots). Running your reports is just as easy with a few mouse clicks and a little typing.

Q: My spouse also bowls. Is there a way to track mine and my spouse's data with MyBowlingDiary?

A: Yes, with our optional add-on module ($5.95) you can track as many people as you need with a single copy. You simply run the module to switch the database, enter your data and when finished that copy is copied back to the original location.

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Download an Information Brochure

Click here to download an information brochure on MyBowlingDiary (PDF document, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required)

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